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advanced nfc


  • Connect to multiple music services (iPhone XR and newer)

  • Connect to a single music service (iPhone XR and newer, Android devices with NFC built-in)

  • Some setup required

This NFC configuration is more feature-rich, but also requires some setup on your part. With your piece you will receive a single NFC tag that can be used to open a song in multiple music providers of your choice. You will also receive a file to be imported into the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and a detailed Setup Guide in a PDF file.

This can be configured with Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, YouTube, and many others, as long as the song is available on that platform.

This configuration will only work on iOS (for now) as it requires the Shortcuts app. I am exploring ways to enable this configuration for Android users as well.

This will only work on your iPhone and any other iPhone that you follow the setup steps on. Anyone else will see just a single music service choice rather than a full selection menu.

In the event that a song becomes unavailable on a chosen platform in the future, the NFC tag can be reassigned. If this happens, reach out to me and I can help.

Click here for the Advanced NFC Setup Guide.

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